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Lettering: The Making of the Lamb
Lettering: A Novel by Robert Harley Bear
Lettering: A Novel by Robert Harley Bear

Team Lamb

Author Robert Harley Bear

The Making of the Lamb is the product of years of research. Since 2004, Robert Harley Bear has studied late Iron Age archaeology, writings about druids and Celts from Irish legends to the annals of Julius Caesar, Biblical history, Roman history and stories and legends of the missing years of Jesus Christ.

Robert Harley Bear is an attorney and information technology consultant. In 2005, he was baptized at St. Paul's Parish, K Street, in Washington, DC, where he remains an active parishioner to this day. He taught the high school confirmation class for several years.

He enjoys competitive sailing and races an Albacore, a small two-man dinghy, around Chesapeake Bay and internationally. In 2011 he won the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association high-point trophy for the Albacore class.


Many of the author's friends and family members reviewed the manuscript. Some of these people made hundreds of detailed notes on the manuscript. Others wrote up commentaries or gave valuable suggestions in other ways. The author considered every suggestion that was made, and every one of these people made an important contribution to the book. In alphabetical order the volunteers are: Mario Ashby, Cory Bear, William Bear, Daphne Byron, Benjamin Coleman, Lesley Cross, Peter Duncan, James Edmondson, Barney Harris, Laurita Liles, Tina Mallett, Austin Mill, Fred Nicholson, John Orens, Joyce Parker, Robert Portch, William Prather, Janet Wamsley, Linda Wilkinson, and Charles Zakaib. Austin Mill traveled with the author to Britain in 2004 and 2005 to visit the sites where Jesus might have been, and he helped him get started with the early stages of the writing. Lesley Cross worked tirelessly as the proofreader-in-chief and as an additional line editor.


The author was fortunate to engage two extremely talented and hard-working professional editors. The developmental editor was Kristen Stieffel ( and the line editor was Mason McCann Smith ( Both are also authors in their own right.

Developmental Editor Kristen Stieffel
Kristen Stieffel has had a distinguished career in the newsroom of the Orlando Business Journal and as a freelance editor. She is under contract for her fantasy series, The Prophet’s Chronicle. The first book, Alara’s Call, will be published soon. She is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church USA.

Line Editor Mason Smith
Mason is the author of several historical novels: When the Emperor Dies (Random House, Hamish Hamilton in the UK), La Venganza de Beatrice (Grijalbo Mondadori, Spain), March on Magdala, Oliver in Bronze, and The Stained Glass Virgin. He is a full-time writer, editor, and book designer.

Cover Design

Cover designer Peri Poloni-Gabriel
The cover designer was Peri Poloni-Gabriel of Knockout Design ( She sent in an incredible assortment of cover concepts and then did a wonderful job when asked for the hardest one. She has been a cover designer and interior book designer for many years.

Publishing Consultant

Publishing Consultant Peter Bowerman
Guiding the author through the publishing minefield was his consultant, Peter Bowerman (, the author of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (2014). Also, check out Peter's book titling and back-cover copywriting service at

Production and Distribution

Tim Leonhart and the highly professional staff at Bookmasters ( are handling production and distribution.